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3 Degrees offers a full range of 3-D Printing, Design and related services

3-D Printing

Simply put, the process of creating an actual three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. A variety of materials and different types of machines are available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and matching your job to the right 3-D printer and material can be confusing. 3 Degrees Askew will guide you to the appropriate process and material for your project and print it to your exact specifications.

3-D Modeling

Before an object can be 3-D printed you’ll need a digital model of that object. Our design staff will take your ideas and develop a model that will print cleanly across a variety of machines. If you already have a 3-D model that you need customized to your specification or which just needs to be made 3-D printable, we can do that as well.

3-D Scanning

Sometimes, you already have the thing you need in your hand, but need to duplicate it exactly,  or you need to make some small change in the design without having to start over from scratch.  3 Degrees Askew can 3-D scan your object and create an extremely accurate 3-d printed rendition of the original. This has lots of possible applications and this amazing technology and is only going to continue to improve. Some size and resolution limits do apply – Call us today to talk about your project!

3-D Rendering

The creation of 2-D images, animations, or other graphical assets that depict your product or project. Typically, these images are created using a 3D model which is placed into a rendering software. The finished renders can be presented in a variety of styles from photo-realistic to conceptual and anything in between.Renderings allow you to “see” something that doesn’t exist yet and compare various revisions of a design relatively cheaply or generate investor interest at very early stages of project development.

3-D Design

Design in three dimensions is complex itself, and designing for a successful 3-D printed output can be frustrating even for experienced designers. It is necessary to understand what is and what is not possible for a particular printing method. Our designers are skilled in the finer points of 3-D design for printed output and can help shorten the learning curve and prevent disappointment at later stages. For best results please contact us early in your project.


Perhaps your business or sole proprietorship has seen the explosive growth  in additive manufacturing applications recently and you are looking to make  3-D printing a part of your in house workflow or supply chain. Our experts can guide you to a solution that works for you, from instruction, to simple fulfillment all way up to machine selection, customization and install of your own onsite build lab.