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3-D Printed T-Rex Skeleton

By June 6, 2016Uncategorized

Going Jurassic?

Feast your eyes on this sweet 3-D Printed T-Rex Skeleton that Taylor made as part of our ongoing “Cool Print of the Month” feature. Printed entirely “in -house” at our Kyle, Texas build lab facility this model measures almost 5 feet fully assembled nose to tail – According to the build lab it took 120 hours to print, used almost 2 kilos of plastic! A second print is underway already.  Scare the kids! Make a bold statement with your interior decor, start your own museum….Many custom finishes and materials are available and we have the capability to to print one almost twice as large. So be the coolest kid on your block and reserve your very own 3-D Printed T-Rex Skeleton today…we’ll ship it right out….Awesome stuff

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