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3D Printing Build Lab Nears Completion!

By September 25, 2014blog post
2014-09-24 16.35.52

Hi Folks- We’ve been laying low for while…but we’re proud to announce that after over a year working out of our garages, improvised spaces and various home offices, we are almost ready to move into our wonderful new Build Lab!!! It’s been a long road but at last we have a truly dedicated, customized workspace to house our print facility. The printers will have their own enclosed area to minimize noise and fumes, we’ll have design workstations, an assembly table for building our models, a dedicated shipping area…tons of cool A/C…great lighting…and most importantly – a permanent place to hang our hats!

Once we get the final touches done, and the office set up we will be hosting an Open House, for friends, neighbors, backers and our central Texas area clients! Specific Details will be announced on this site and via our Facebook Page, but for now the plan is to serve some light refreshments, maybe a beverage or two, do a little “meet and greet”, demo the printers, show some recent work and just visit a bit!

We have had to throttle back production while construction was underway, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and  we anticipate roaring back this Fall- and that’s not all, a little later in the year we will have some even more exciting news to share from the rapidly evolving world of 3D printing and design!

Here are some very short videos from yesterday’s jam session- the vids are hosted locally, as opposed to YouTube, so give em a few seconds to start…

Texture Day!

Touring the Facility

And a few still images to give an idea of the space

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