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Captain Morgan Cannon Blast Shot Glasses

By June 16, 2016Uncategorized

One night a few weeks back I was flipping around on the TV late at night and saw something that looked really familiar….it was only on the screen for a few seconds but there it was..and there was no mistake….one of 3 Degrees Askew’s 3-D printed prop pieces was featured in a nationwide TV spot!


So without further ado, we present a few of Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast TV spots that feature our goodies…

Did you see them?…dont blink…they’re right there at the end…for like 2 seconds….the 3 shot glasses! 


Yep…We made those…here’s the scoop.

Back in September of last year we were contacted by the very talented folks at  The Voorhes….they do amazing studio photography and innovative set ups for all kinds of clients, they win all kinds of awards get featured in CA frequently, and are pretty much made of  pure awesome and they needed some Captain Morgan branded shot glasses fabricated for an upcoming shoot.

So I got busy modeling up some shot glasses with  the Captain Morgan branding, once they were complete I rendered them in several materials for review…

At this point in the process the exact size of the shot glasses was somewhat up in the air, so Taylor took my model and printed it in a couple of variations using relatively low quality settings on one of our FDM printers setting just to get something for the photographers to play with….the Voorhes also asked us to provide a plaque with just the logo that they would use in their post processing to make sure the brand identity could be reinforced if necessary…

Next we met with the Voorhes to deliver the prototypes and work out the details of the final deliverables… as bonus we got to visit a bit and see their awesome work space in a converted church building in South Austin! Way Cool and totally pro all the way.

At this meeting the final scale and material of the 3-D printed deliverables was decided upon, so it was back to the build lab to print out the finals….

For the final prints Taylor elected to use one of our SLA machines, set to ultra high resolution for the smoothest possible surface finish, and since the client was going to do their own surface finishing and painting, the finals were provided “in the buff” as they came off the printer in an orange ABS resin. The initial delivery was 3 pieces and when all was said and done I think we ultimately produced 15 or 16 shot glasses for the project.

From here, the Voorhes worked their magic, among many other things, they  applied a surface finish to make the shot glasses appear as if they were made of cast iron. The Vorhees have a great blog where they share some details about the projects they are working on and they have done a really nice detailed write up about all they did to pull off this shoot. So if you’d like to read more please check out that post by clicking HERE.

3 Degrees was just one little part of a much larger team effort that got this project done, but we are very  honored to have been asked to work with the big dogs and I don’t think the novelty of seeing something we helped produce on national TV is going to get old any time soon. Many thanks to The Voorhes and their crew for having us along!