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3D Printed Parts – Sabertron – Kickstarter Campaign

By February 7, 2014blog post

Recently we contracted with David Lynch of Level UP Games to help develop some 3D printed parts for their newest project Sabertron – a self scoring, self contained wireless sword fighting game. Now after a long time in testing and development the gang over at Sabertron have launched their Kickstarter campaign.  As of this writing the Sabertron project is already almost 25% funded!!! Congrats guys! We encourage everyone with an interest to get to their Kickstarter page and pledge, pledge, pledge! We’d love to see this project go into production, not just because we like for our clients to succeed…but also because a way to experience “consequence free” sword fighting without the potential for permanent maiming just plain sounds fun to us!
Might be a good way to get the kids off the couch too!

Here’s some images from the Sabertron Kickstarter Page to give you a better idea of the electronic swords themselves…

And some images from the 3Degrees Askew Build Lab of the 3D printed parts that we helped the Sabertron team to prototype…
Sabertron Homepage
Sabertron On Kickstarter