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By August 14, 2015Uncategorized

Hi Makers! I’ve been modeling up some original prop gun designs lately, so without further ado…meet the “Tackhammer”, the first in a series. Inspired by old school break-action revolvers the Tackhammer was modeled with 3DStudioMax, SpaceClaim, and Solid Works over several weeks and has about 14 hours in it to this point, at least one more revision will be required to take it to a final state. Currently a static model except for the ammo sled (not shown in the renderings), an articulated version kit will likely be produced as well.

– T. John Davis/Lead Designer, 3°


The Tackhammer is new tech mod of  an older model traditional lead projectile sidearm/close combat weapon. These captured “Old Tech” weapons have been repurposed/modified/adapted in the secret machine shops of the Uprising to utilize the new Focused Impulse gravity-plasma technology that is spreading since the discovery of the 5th force …The upgrade process involves significant machining and retooling of the existing weapon to render it strong enough to withstand the new tech and protect the user from the increased thermal load – but is still cheaper than fabbing an entirely new weapon so they are being produced in huge numbers and have become very popular.
The traditional cylinder has been removed and replaced with a rotary variant of the second generation
3°AIFG ( 3Degrees Arc Impulse Focusing Generator) and the weapon can utilize either standard PI(PulseImpact) cartridges or be loaded
with a variety of GAPI (Gas Assisted Pulse Impact) cartridges to impart different properties to the resulting “focused impulse”(projectile).
RENDERINGS: (click on images to view larger)



Here’s couple of pics of the 3-D Printed Tackhammer with one ammo sled in place, it was using an FDM style printer in 11 pieces using white and black PLA, and glued up, since this is a development version it was only lightly sanded and given a couple of coats of matte black paint.