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3D Printed Movie Prop Guns

By December 27, 2013blog post
hellboy screenshot small

As you know, whenever possible, we here at 3Degrees Askew like to avoid getting on government lists, so we don’t print or help to print functional weapons, ever…period…the end…however We we’re recently hired to help develop some sci-fi movie props for a feature film project that begins shooting in February. Unfortunately for legal/contractual reasons we cant (yet) show you any of that work…(I know…”BOOO”) but the whole movie prop thing started us thinking about iconic movie props and weapons  and maybe putting together some classic movie/gaming props for our show reel…so Taylor got busy in the build lab….and  without further ado…here’s some phone images of a couple of early test pieces…

The HellBoy “Samaritan” Revolver, 4 shot, .75 caliber, anti-demonic rounds….aww yeah

The Classic HALO M6 Series pistol…