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3-D Printed Pump House Model – Public Works Project – Houston, Texas

By February 18, 2016Uncategorized

A big model with a “zero deadline”

Earlier this year a client contacted us with an urgent request for a 3D Printed Pump House model.  This model was to be very large scale  and would illustrate the interior workings of a pump house  and water distribution facility to be built in South Texas. The design brief required that the final model have removable roof and floor sections that could be manipulated to  reveal simplified versions various interior spaces , pumps , controller equipment, an overhead beam trolley, as well as the layout of the pipes and valve vaults that extended below ground level. The model was large (about 30 inches x26 inches x 15 inches) the deadline was very short so there was no time for ultra-high resolution, or the usual normal post processing final finishing and painting that we usually perform on our deliverables. Taylor came up with a very nice idea for the base that would show the “ground” as a transparent panel to reveal the pipes below grade…We flipped and shipped the pump house model out in record time and the client was very pleased!

Check it out!

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